Looking for an efficient bed management solution? 

  • Prevent lost revenue with real-time bed ready notification display showing all available beds
  • Monitor, evaluate and expedite bed turnover time with reports
  • Automatic notification to Bed Control when a bed is available
  • Automatically contacts housekeeping to clean rooms
  • Timer feature records and displays the time elapsed for rooms awaiting housekeeping services
  • Information available on one screen at any networked PC

Responder Saves Time and Eliminates Wasted Steps

Effective bed turnover begins with a simple-to-use nurse call system with advanced communication capabilities - which leads to a higher rate of compliance with all staff. With Responder, the press of a button contacts Environmental Services instantly through pocket paging, phone calls or real-time PC notification. Which rooms need service? Which are available? With Responder, your staff will be up to date on the current status of the room and then notified immediately when a room is ready for a new patient - eliminating wait time for your patients.
  • Prevent lost revenue with real-time bed ready notification displays showing all available beds
  • Monitor, evaluate, and speed bed turnover time with onscreen displays and reporting tools
  • Automatic notification to Patient Placement when a bed is available

Convenience and Satisfaction For Everyone

When communication is clear and timely, everyone benefits. Staff appreciates the end of "is there a bed available?" guessing games. Discharged patients get home sooner and admitted patients don't have to wait for the bed and the care they need.  

The Responder solution also enhances the healing environment for patients by eliminating background noise and intrusive phone calls between staff members.  Lastly, hospital management appreciates faster bed turnover rates that can translate to increased profits.

Primary Systems has implemented this bed management solution and it really works! Look for a case study coming in the near future! Interested in learning more? Please Contact Us today!

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