Patient Flow 


Everyone agrees that wayfinding systems—clear, easy-to-read signage—are essential to helping anxious patients and visitors navigate the hospital.

Wouldn’t it make sense, then, to provide similar signage to staff, to help them locate patients? Knowing where patients are is critical to their safety, security and your ability to ensure efficient patient flow. The problem is you can’t place signs on patients and then magically know where they all are.

But, you can provide Versus IR-RFID badges to patients—and this simple action will help caregivers identify the patient and the patient’s location. In addition, you’ll have other essential, HIPAA-compliant patient data available at-a-glance, like:

  • Patient acuity, 
  • Patient status (i.e. ready to be seen, with physician, EKG in process, etc.),
  • Assigned caregivers,
  • Special needs (language, latex allergy, peds, etc.), and
  • Wait time or Time Since Last Seen.
  • Interaction reports between caregivers and other patients

If you’re tired of wondering who’s behind Curtain Number 2 and the never-ending “Where’s my next patient?” game, contact Primary Systems today.








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