Pathology & Research 


GlobalMedia has developed telehealth technology and telemedicine software that provide valuable benefits for pathologists and laboratory technicians, including a higher level of accuracy, automated cataloging and a cost effective means for real-time collaboration. These tools streamline the overall process, enabling pathologists to manage caseloads without compromising accuracy.

Our pathology solutions provide opportunities to:

  • Acquire precise microscopic and macroscopic images
  • Integrate images within EMR systems
  • Streamlining laboratory processes
  • Improve the quality of patient care by providing faster answers to patients
  • Remain competitive by enriching pathology reports  with high quality digital images
  • Increase overall productivity and accuracy

Primary Systems and GlobalMedia offers many solutions for your telemedicine needs:

Life Sciences
Medical Accessories

Telemedicine Cardiology
Ear Nose Throat
Telemedicine for ER/Primary Care
Pathology Equipment and Software

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