Needs Assesment 

Before your project starts, Primary Systems will perform a global needs assessment of your healthcare facility. This assessment insures that you are getting a customized solution to fit your facility and it allows for input from all the key stakeholders in the hospital. Our goal from the very beginning is to make sure that our products fit your clinical processes, rather than having you adapt your processes to fit our products We will strive to provide you with systems that fit your clinical processes, because that is most important to us!

Six Sigma

After your global needs assessment, if our products fit your clinical processes then we would love to work with you! Primary Systems and the Rauland Responder support continuous efforts to achieve and sustain quality improvement.  We realize top-level management appreciate hard numbers to back up claims of efficiency, and the Responder system can produce those. The manufacturing processes reflect Rauland's "zero defects" philosophy, so you can be confident that our product will help you meet your quality goals.

Standards Based Communication

The need for standard communication protocol has never been greater in the healthcare arena.  Proprietary languages are out and interoperability is in.  At Primary Systems we have a RN on staff that will communicate in industry standard languages to make the needs assessment and integration possible. 

Implementation Made Easy

Our integration consulting services can make sure that your Responder system is integrated with other systems to reduce redundancy and increase productivity. You may have different systems for your different departments, let us integrate these systems to help break down these communication barriers.

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