Motorola's K-12 Solution 

Beyond Elementary: Enhanced MOTOwi4™ Wireless
Broadband Solutions For The K-12 Segment

High-speed wireless computing is becoming an elementary element of K-12 educational environments all around the world. The Motorola MOTOwi4 portfolio is proving to be the ideal wireless infrastructure for delivering high-speed voice, video and data traffic in both individual schools and entire districts. A wi4 broadband network enables more technology enriched learning experiences that support No Child Left Behind requirements for improved instruction and higher student achievement.

MOTOwi4 Solutions Simplify Bringing Next-Generation
Capabilities to K-12 Schools and School Districts

MOTOwi4™ solutions are the foundation of a highspeed wireless ecosystem that connects every aspect of your learning environment—inside and outside. Known for their exceptional reliability even under the most challenging conditions, wi4 solutions deliver maximum flexibility with fixed, portable, nomadic and mobile solutions. They also offer multiple layers of network security and provide a highly scalable architecture to support future growth.

• wi4 Indoor solutions: Enterprise WLAN solutions are optimized for mobility and provide elementary and secondary school environments with secure connectivity and access at the point of activity. They enable crucial applications including asset management, high-speed connectivity, real-time video surveillance, access in classrooms, hallways, administrative offices, and other locations such as libraries, cafeterias, teachers’ lounges, playgrounds and parking lots. Broadband Over Powerline, or BPL, solutions deliver high-speed connectivity over a building’s electrical system, with access as close as the nearest electrical outlet. wi4 BPL solutions support applications such as broadband access in multi-unit school buildings and administrative environments; indoor video surveillance; virtual LANS; alarming systems; energy management; and voice over IP service.

• wi4 Fixed solutions: Point-to-Point solutions provide scalable, cost-effective licensed and unlicensed connectivity to remote locations, transmitting data with maximum reliability even in Non-Line-Of-Sight environments and under challenging conditions such as high interference and difficult terrain. Specifically, wi4 Fixed point-topoint solutions help school districts interconnect point-to-point and monitor all facilities, and allow new infrastructure construction where fiber is unavailable. Point-to-Multipoint solutions can operate in licensed or unlicensed frequencies, and create reliable, costeffective connectivity between multiple facilities and locations. These systems deliver virtually ubiquitous information access, data, equipment and facilities monitoring and the implementation of highly efficient work flow systems. They also provide exceptional interference resistance in dense, noisy environments. They give you the ability to monitor remote locations, facilities and equipment, and they streamline data transmission between multiple points.

• wi4 Mesh solutions: wi4 Mesh solutions provide scalable high-speed solutions for facility and district environments, enabling fixed, nomadic and mobile IP coverage. wi4 Mesh solutions are highly available, selfforming, self-healing networks that can provide high-speed connectivity and access capabilities in virtually any K-12 academic setting. Applications include location-based services for security staff and management teams, traffic management for busy bus stop areas, and video surveillance for increased protection of students, personnel and capital assets.

• wi4 WiMAX solutions:
wi4 WiMAX solutions use licensed frequencies point-to-point to extend broadband coverage and capabilities with a standards-based, high performance product portfolio. Products in the wi4 WiMAX portfolio provide the crucial benefits of extended IP access, and allow you to take pointto- point advantage of productive new services.

Benefits: MOTOwi4 Helps K-12 Schools And Districts Optimize Learning And Operational Productivity

• Freedom from Wires. MOTOwi4 wireless broadband solutions let you deploy equipment to complement and complete your existing networks wherever it is most convenient, even in areas where wiring is difficult or dangerous.

• Monitoring. Our wi4 indoor and remote field monitoring solutions deliver real-time problem alerts and empower technicians to monitor technology performance and perform remote diagnostics.

• Leased Line Replacement. Many K-12 school and district environments replace expensive T1 leased lines and leased PBX systems with more cost-efficient wi4 wireless IP connectivity that eliminates recurring expenses.

• Digital Video Surveillance. Our advanced video surveillance capabilities help K-12 environments enhance student, faculty and staff safety, as well as minimize loss and guard against intrusion.

• Distance Learning and Collaboration. MOTOwi4 wireless broadband solutions enable extended distance learning programs and provide interactive environments for collaborations between students, parents and faculty.

• Streamlined Administration. wi4 solutions deliver interactive efficiency that helps improve productivity and reduce costs by enabling advanced administrative applications including electronic grading, parental notification and district-wide communication.


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