Education-Meru Networks E-Rate Promotion 



Take advantage of this GREAT OFFER before it's too late!

Mid February is the time for E-Rate filing, but it is also winter break

for many K-12 schools and district. Meru Networks has created an

E-Rate offer that will give your K12 school a real budget



For a limited time, Meru Networks is offering K12 schools and

districts a substantial savings on the purchase of 802.11n Ready

access points, AP301/AP302, a savings of $200 per AP, including

one year of MeruAssure E-Rate Support on hardware and software

at no cost when purchased as a complete system.


Benefits of Wireless LANs in K-12 Education

  • Anywhere, anytime network access
  • Brings computing to classrooms, library, and administrative offices
  • Reduces overall network cost with fewer Ethernet switches and cables providing a lower TCO.
  • Eliminates expenses associated with infrastructure and device adds/moves/changes
  • Utilize persuasive wireless network for physical security needs

Transparent as Air Waves

Mobile computing initiatives in K12 education are
changing the way Wireless LAN (WLAN) is used in
educational settings. One-to-One learning, laptop carts,
intelligent modular classrooms, and school safety &
emergency communications, combined with small IT
staffs and shrinking budgets are business drivers in
favor of a reliable and intelligent pervasive wireless
LAN. With the introduction of 802.11n, wire line
performance is now available over the airwaves,
providing a wireless network capable of supporting any
application, anytime, anywhere.

Building a wireless network that successfully meets the
needs of 21st century schools can be challenging.
Meru removes the risk, simplifies Wi-Fi, and provides a
reliable and cost-effective WLAN with a unique
architecture that lets schools install without complex
RF surveys, deliver greater coverage with fewer access
points (APs) in high client density areas and supports
interference-free video and voice.

Wireless LAN for 21st Century Educational Institutions

Simplicity, ease of deployment, operations, and

reliability are a hallmark of Meru’s virtualized WLAN.

Meru wireless was purpose built for converged

applications and demanding environments that are

delivered over a mission critical network.


Easy to design

• Easy to deploy

• Easy on the IT budget


• “Always on” connectivity

• Redundancy to overcome network outages


• Predictable, switch-like application

performance and reliability

• Converged applications: voice, video, data over

the same network and at

high scale

• High quality, seamless mobility in support of

Voice over WLAN


• Supports high density of students per access


• Architecture for simple capacity growth with

increased application usage


• Managed by existing IT staff, not RF experts

• No channel or power planning


K12- Wireless Pain Points


Meru Virtualized WLAN Value









 Poor connectivity, dropped connections

Wireless slows down when everyone else using it

Wireless doesn’t work well with apps likeor other real-time interactive apps


Meru APs are deployed at full RF providing greater signal strength for secure client connections

Meru’s air time fairness insures every student has networkaccess

Meru’s per flow QoS insures exceptional video learning and other graphics-intensive programs









Getting every student on-line can be challenging and cuts into limited class time

Lacks reliability and speed needed for

classroom management and teaching



Meru’s Air Traffic Control increases RF efficiencies, supporting more clients per access point in dense client environments

Laptop carts and one-to-one computing work better with more reliable connections










No wireless expertise, difficult to plan and deploy

Continuous need for coverage and

channel re-planning

Understaffed (No time to manage)

Technology changing fast—hard to keep wireless in synch with the latest apps and drivers



Meru’s Virtualized Wireless LAN eliminates the complexities of RF surveys and channel planning

Single-channel deployments are like installing light bulbs

Reduces on-going mgmt (auto load-balancing, roaming, fairness

No special client drivers required









Unreliable wireless limits ROI on school technology investments (computer carts, labs)

Funding/refresh cycles can’t keep up with technology



Supports more students per AP than other WLAN solutions.

Requires fewer APs, cable pulls, PoE ports

Increases utilization of district IT investments

Protect legacy investment with Meru 802.11n Ready APs