Make your Patients Feel More at Home

Like MediaLink, MediaCare gives patients access to Video on Demand, Educational videos, music, and photos right from their in-room RoomMate IPTV. MediaCare has additional functionality; it gives hospital staff the ability to send, or "push", messages videos, music, and photos to patient televisions.

With MediaCare, doctors and nurses can fill "information prescriptions", which means they can supply supplementary discharge material and videos related the patients treatment or procedure. Hospital staff can also share images, such as x-rays, with patients right from their in-room television.

Hospital staff can send messages to patients, which display on their in-room television. These messages can alert patients of upcoming chaplain visits, appointments, fire alarms, etc.

Learn more about HCI's building block technology designed to: increase patient satisfaction, increase staff efficiency, decrease readmisions and improve HCAHPS scores.

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