Manufacturing WiFi Solution 

Manufacturing floors, harsh industrial environments, outdoor processing facilities, and industrial plants all require the latest in efficient, reliable IT systems to help move goods and services throughout the factory and distribution chain. By providing the infrastructure to support mission critical communications, supply chain management, inventory control, process monitoring, and product flow more manufacturers are realizing product and efficiency gains with Meru’s advanced single channel architecture.

Made for Manufacturing

  • Toll-Quality voice over Wireless – Assured Application Delivery to all devices from the shop floor to the head office
  • Seamless Mobility – Improving productivity no matter the harshness of the environment
  • Secure Communications – Enhanced Security for process based applications, sensors, and control points
  • All Wireless Factory – Extensible to the growing demand for Wireless applications and devices
  • Lowest total Cost of Ownership – Easy to manage, support, and operate – saving money and resources

Benefits of Meru Wireless LAN Technology for Manufacturing

While others have created WLAN switch architectures, they focus primarily on ease of deployment and central management of AP configuration parameters. Solving this problem is both important and necessary, but it is not enough. The key challenge to being able to provide the type of reliable, high-quality wireless communication that will improve all aspects of manufacturing eliminating errors, monitoring processes, and managing contention amongst devices, interference and Quality of Service in a dense Wi-Fi environment with both data and voice clients. Primary Systems and Meru have done just that with their wireless system.

Case Study's

  Anthony Marano Company  

Hyatt Regency
 Pacific Sunwear

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