Intelligent Control for Educational Organizations 

Educational organizations must evaluate solutions that will provide them with complete control. The chosen product should be simple to use, manage, and deploy. In addition to a product that is scalable and cost-effective, universities, colleges and school districts should focus on a holistic solution.

Key features of Intelligent Control of users and applications
  • complete Network Admission Control (NAC) - user authentication, role derivation, and host posture assessment to ensure only valid users and devices enter the LAN
  • improved application performance - Layer 7 identification, prioritization, and treatment of applications to protect assets and put business needs first
  • complete user control - identity- and role-based policies to control access to applications and other resources
  • faster troubleshooting - username, device, application, and resource tied together to accelerate incident response
  • simplified compliance and audit trail - full documentation of all policies, as well as all LAN activities, tied to username and resource to speed audits

Key projects ConSentry can help address
  • Prevent students and other users from accessing unauthorized resources, such as student records or grading systems
  • Block or rate limit inappropriate applications, such as peer-to-peer traffic
  • Provide the control and visibility required to stay in compliance with RIAA and HIPAA
  • Ensure only compliant devices get on the LAN, without IT installing desktop agents

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