In-Service Training 


It's about change. And embracing it

We're living and working in a time of explosive technological growth. While manufacturers compete to introduce new technologies, they often forget an important link in the chain: end users. At Primary Systems, we understand that the best technology is destined to fail when staff doesn't use it.

It's About Technology Adoption. EPS Addresses the Problem

Here's the typical two-step sales approach most vendors take:

Step 1: High-tech system manufacturers sell to Administrators and Directors.

Step 2: Floor nurses receive in-service training, often on-the-fly or in the middle of a busy shift.

Why do technology investments fail? Becuase technology adoption requires something very difficult - behavioral change - and the primary driver of behavioral change is not included in the process: the nurse manager. They are often neglected and as a result, technology adoption fails. the system's potential - and its investment - are lost. Primary Systems and the Enhanced Professional Services (EPS) is a comprehensive training program that addresses these problems.

Our process makes the nurse manager an integral part of the utilization of our system. By including the nurse manager in the process, we have developed a strong reference list of satisfied customers who use the communications technology that we sell to them. Primary Systems recognizes that nurses are highly skilled caregivers, not designers of communication processes.That's why we employed a nurse to implement this training process.

Primary Systems priority is to ensure that even with all the new state-of-the-art systems that have been integrated, your staff be equipped with the knowledge to use them to their fullest capabilities. After all, whats the point of installing state-of-the-art systems if you dont have the knowledge of how they work? Contact Us today if you have questions or would like to schedule a training session! 

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