K-12 Wireless Clock Solution 

Being on time for school is a life skill that's important to each student's future. Tardiness of individual students interrupts instructional time. Inaccurate clocks give students a convenient excuse for being late. With TimeTrax Sync, schools can eliminate time-related obstacles and focus on academic achievements. A new synchronized wireless clock system for your school can help:

  • Utilize class time more efficiently
  • Alleviate confusion by synchronizing clocks and bells throughout your school
  • Reduce custodial costs
  • Synchronize Clocks on Network Computers


RF Transmitters RF Transmitters
Completely synchronize your facility's time with Pyramid's Wireless RF Transmitter -- a low-cost solution for corporate settings, schools, healthcare facilities, or industrial buildings.

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Wireless Analog Clocks
Pyramid’s Wireless Analog Clocks feature easily viewable faces in a variety of sizes and styles. The clocks are ideal for facility renovation, retrofit design, and new construction applications. Since the wireless clock systems receive their radio time frequency from a Pyramid TimeTrax Sync Transmitter, they will stay on time virtually anywhere throughout your facility.

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Wireless Analog Clocks

Wireless Digital Clocks Wireless Digital Clocks
For high visibility in large areas or long hallways, Pyramid’s Wireless Digital Clocks and Clock Systems provide the perfect solution.

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Pyramid's accessories are designed to work directly with our equipment and grow as your needs grow. We offer a wide range of accessories for our wireless products including wall or ceiling brackets, security mounts, batteries, surge protectors, or even a completely customized clock.

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