ID Badging - A Small Investment with Big Benefits 

Having the luxury of ID Badging will quickly allow administration to identify an employee from a non-employee and give them the added ability to use it as an identity card, security pass, a punch card at the time clock or incorporate it with an Access Control system.. ID Badging is ideal for any kind of business or facility because it can be adapted to any environment.

Business / Industry

Business owners and managers face many challenges in securing property and assuring employee safety.

Primary Systems sales specialists and Identicard help design security solutions for approximately 22,000 customers worldwide. We bring together a comprehensive range of products, resources and experience. Primary Systems and IDenticard has alliances with some of the world's leading manufacturers of interrelated systems.
  • Security Photo Identification for employees, visitors, contractors
  • Time and Attendance
  • Logical Network Security
  • Physical Security
  • Parking Lot Access Control


Healthcare security professionals must provide a safe environment for patients, doctors and staff. IDenticard security identification programs not only help assure security for patients and staff, but also create a comprehensive security solution. They regulate access to pharmacies, implement time and attendance systems for staff, control entry to parking lots, even charge for cafeteria meals -- all with a single, secure and versatile ID card.
  • Photo Identification Cards
  • Access Control
    • Building
    • Parking Lot
    • Pharmacy Access
  • Time and Attendance
  • Cafeteria Food Service Program


IDenticard designs effective school security... providing peace-of-mind for students, faculty, staff and parents.
  • Improve building security 
  • Track student whereabouts, to improve attendance and security
  • Set up library checkout and food service systems
  • Issue tamper-resistant IDs for faculty, staff, students, visitors


On college campuses, student identification cards serve multiple purposes... from dormitory and parking lot access control... to food service and library system use... to vending machines and copiers.
  • ID cards for students, faculty and staff 
  • Food service
  • Library checkout
  • Building / Dorm Access Control
  • Vending Machine / Copier Control / Laundry


IDenticard has been serving government agencies as an approved GSA vendor for over 30 years. Government sales specialists at IDenticard headquarters understand federal rules, documentation needs, policies and programs. IDenticard's IVIS Plus makes it easy to code and identify security-level authorization, departmental assignments and other details of each agency's security programs. Several GSA Common Access Card prime contractors specify IDenticard.

Primary Systems can design and install a customize an ID Badging system that fits your facility's needs. Click Here to learn about a cost effective way to implement an ID Badging service at your facility!

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