Industrial Grade Handsets 


The quicker response communication tool - Ascom  9d24 EX

  • No more monthly cell phone or push to talk bills!

  • Seamlessly integrates personal alarm, voice communication and advanced messaging

  • Rapid access to vital information from equipment, automation systems, alarm systems, internet and intranet

  • Offers no-movement/man-down alarms plus a loud speaker for hands free operation

  • Send alarm signals if you find yourself in a vulnerable or threatening situation

  • Durable, chemical resistant - Ideal for use in harsh, volatile environments

  • Resistance to water, dirt and damage from falls

  • ATEX and CSA approved

Primary Systems designs customized communications solutions based upon the unique needs of each client's business. Our application specialists meet with you to ensure you purchase the right system for your specific business requirements. Contact Us for a demo!

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