Wireless Broadband for Healthcare 

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Wireless Broadband Delivers Cost Effective High-Speed Bandwidth for Telehealth

Broadband connectivity and communications are revolutionizing the healthcare industry. High-speed networks are helping hospitals, medical centers and healthcare systems address and overcome some of their most serious challenges. These include escalating costs, an overflow of patients, shortages of physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals, troubling increases in medical error, increased records management requirements and many others. As more and more healthcare providers turn to technology to improve their care and service, one broadband technology is emerging as the most powerful, the most viable and the most cost-efficient solution. Wireless technology.

Wireless Broadband Technology In Healthcare 

As the world leader in powerful and innovative wireless broadband solutions, Motorola and Primary Systems design and deploy indoor and outdoor high-speed wireless networks that provide healthcare professionals with solutions that help save lives, including:

  • Video teleconferencing enables long-distance collaboration between specialists.
  • System wide coverage brings instant information access and communications.
  • Electronic and remote video monitoring help provide for cost-efficient presence management strategies.
  • Mobile communications allow Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) to send vital information before a patient arrives at the ER.
  • Secure, high-speed data capabilities ensure HIPPA compliance and fast access to patient records.
  • Real-time bedside communications help prevent medication and blood transfusion errors.

Only Motorola Knows Healthcare Wireless Broadband Solutions Inside and Out

Wireless broadband and the healthcare industry are a perfect match. From matching medications at the bedside to prevent errors, to receiving a patient’s vitals from a speeding ambulance, to collaborating with prominent specialists via video conferencing, high-speed wireless networks are helping healthcare providers of all sizes improve care and save lives. Motorola’s portfolio of broadband solutions is globally proven to deliver the speed, access, reliability and security that help bring the best possible care to every patient.

Wi4 Fixed Solutions:

Point-to-Point (PTP) - Motorola’s wi4 Fixed PTP solutions provide the ideal technology for backhauling data and video files between two locations. Proven to deliver 99.999 percent availability and data rates up to 300 megabytes per second (Mbps), our PTP networks provide carrier-grade reliability for transmitting large volumes of information (such as MRI data or video) in both licensed and unlicensed frequencies. In addition, our PTP Ethernet bridges offer exceptional interference tolerance and can provide coverage across long distances, over water and around obstacles.

Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) - Wi4 Fixed PMP networks use unlicensed spectrum to deliver and support high-speed applications and connectivity. Healthcare providers use PMP networks to connect multiple locations—on a medical campus or within a more geographically scattered system—with the main complex. This high-speed connectivity enables collaborative telemedicine and delivers the anytime, anywhere communications crucial to restoring health and saving lives.


  • Communicate with other hospitals, satellite clinics, physician offices, data centers and labs that are miles away or in hard to reach areas.
  • Easily and economically add bandwidth to accommodate volume and speed requirements for transmitting images and video.
  • Supplement onsite caregiver visits with remote patient monitoring and physician teleconsultations.
  • Reduce medical errors, diagnosis time and duplicate data entry by providing rapid and continuous information availability.
  • Improve access to primary and specialty care for patients in rural and medically-underserved areas.
  • Increase facility and campus safety and protect assets with real time video surveillance.
  • Comply with HIPAA security rules for protecting patient health information.
  • Ensure uninterrupted delivery of healthcare services during a disaster or power outage.
  • Eliminate the recurring costs of leased lines.

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