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Wireless LANs Provide Critical Access in Healthcare Environments Healthcare professionals will tell you readily available knowledge is the key to saving lives. That is why they are turning to a wide range of mobile applications to gain instant access to patient records, streamlining for greater workflow efficiency, better utilization of assets and scarce resources, resulting in improved patient care. Key point of care wireless services include:
  • Patient treatment applications such as electronic medical records (EMR), computerized physician order entry (CPOE), and bar-coding for medication management
  • Diagnostic result sharing applications for expert real-time collaboration on radiology images and lab results
  • Mobile voice applications and devices such as communication badges, VoIP over wireless phones and call systems for instant access to key personnel
  • Administrative applications such as charge capture, coding, billing and registration kiosks
  • Asset management and location tracking to optimize the use of medical equipment and simplify  workflow procedures
These compelling workflow tools are creating an avalanche of wireless devices for healthcare workers to use and IT organizations to deploy and manage. Choosing the right wireless infrastructure to support these new applications and devices is a critical step in revolutionizing healthcare delivery. Without a predictable, highly reliable underlying wireless infrastructure, many of these tools, devices and applications will go unused due to frustration in connecting to the wireless network. The busy healthcare worker becomes irritated by slow application speeds and low quality voice — wasting time and money.

Meru understands your concerns, that is why we provide the foundation for reliable applications with pervasive coverage, a hallmark of the Meru Wireless LAN Virtualization infrastructure. Meru purpose-built ds all its products for demanding environments that require the delivery of secure, mission-critical applications on a converged network.


Reliable Application Delivery: Meru uses Virtual Cell technology to provide constant connection within a highly mobile environment.

Predictable, High Performance: Meru is able to support mission critical applications with quick response times. High quality voice, video and data co-exist on one network without compromising application delivery.

Secure, Pervasive Coverage: Meru network access throughout facility enables the use of devices everywhere they are needed resulting in higher device adoption, while remaining HIPAA compliant.

High Capacity: Use by 100s to 1000s of clinicians simultaneously and at peak load times – supports direct patient care, care team coordination, and asset and supply management

Easy to Manage and Grow: Rapid evolution from department to enterprise, extensible to new devices and applications

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