Healthcare Training Session 

Who said there is no such thing as a free lunch? Interested in learning more about our manufacturers and their technology? We have assembled a full list of seminars geared specifically for the healthcare market! Contact Us and Schedule a FREE training session with us and we'll bring lunch!

Training Sessions include:

Accutech - ResidentGUARD Patient Wandering
"ResidentGUARD" secures residents and puts your staff and family members at ease with an easy, economical capabilities. The staff members at your facility will be able to spend more time caring for residents and less time managing a security system. After all, they are not security guards.

Accutech - Cuddles Infant Abduction
"Cuddles" is the Only "Nurse Friendly" Infant Protection System available! Saves your nurses valuable time and protects your infants by keeping them safe and secure with Cuddles patented Soft Bracelet!

Ascom - In Building Wireless Solutions
Ascom is a leading provided of in-building wireless phones and messaging solutions.  Learn how their products can stream line processes in healthcare, education, manufacturing and industrial applications.

Rauland - VoIP Nurse Call
Rauland releases new Responder 5 VoIP Nurse Call Communications platform. Learn how their new product lays out and how their approach to nurse call and process management has earned them over 60% of the hospital market.

Rauland Wireless Clocks

The complete line of time keeping options from Rauland-Borg is the perfect solution for a wide range of applications where accurate, synchronized time is required.

Versus - Asset Tracking
Where are your resources? Are you ready for a Joint Commission inspection? Can you accurately track equipment usage? Do you have too many IV pumps…or not enough? If you need a bariatric treatment bed, can you find it now? Learn how Versus and their asset tracking solutions will make your healthcare facilities more efficient!

Additional Sessions include:

Avigilon - High Definition CCTV
Avigilon is the first provider of an IP based high definition CCTV barrier over a traditional analog system. Learn how to design an IP based CCTV system that breaks the price.

Bosch - Security Products
We offer a variety of sessions on Bosch's products from Access Control, CCTV, Burglar/ Fire Alarm to a fully integrated Life Safety platform.

Meru Networkds - 802.11 WiFi
Meru is first and only manufacturer of a 4th generation WiFi Solution in the United States.  Learn how their technology can help overcome WiFi density issues common to the healthcare and educational markets. 

Silent Knight / Farenhyt
Farenhyt is Honeywells newest entry into their suite of Fire Alarm companies. Learn how their intelligent power supplies can save up to as much as 20% on an installation!

At Primary Systems we are very proud of our manufacturers and the work they have accomplished. We want you to be proud too!

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