The Innovator - Healthcare Issue #3 


Greetings from Primary Systems! 

Welcome to the Primary Systems Newsletter –The Innovator! The Innovator is the first newsletter produced by Primary Systems and is written to keep you informed on the current news in the healthcare market and events at Primary Systems. Please read and enjoy!

Pyramid - The Wireless Clock Solution

Having a synchronized wireless clock system in your healthcare facility can be a great tool to utilize. Having the ability to have all patients and staff on the same time schedule will reduce scheduling conflicts, increase organization, and increase punctuality. With the simple implementation of this solution, you will increase the overall efficiency of your healthcare facility. Click Here to read more!

Talk before you walk -- Bringing Wireless Efficiency to Nursing

Every second counts in a hospital, and response time is critical to how well caregivers can meet their patients’ needs. An effective on-site wireless communications system from Ascom that connects to an existing communications network allows caregivers to deliver fast, efficient care with features and functions that far exceed conventional communication systems.  Click Here to read more!

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