The Innovator - Healthcare Issue #2 


Greetings from Primary Systems! 

Welcome to the Primary Systems Newsletter –The Innovator! The Innovator is the first newsletter produced by Primary Systems and is written to keep you informed on the current news in the healthcare market and events at Primary Systems. Please read and enjoy!

HCI Reduces Prices on LCD RoomMate and BedMate TV's

Keeping a patient informed and entertained is increasingly important to today’s hospitals. Providing a cost effective system allows patients to choose movies, music and photos right from their hospital bed; it gives the hospital staff the ability to deliver content easier than ever before. HCI provides the TVs, system, and content you need to get up and running. Click Here to read more!

10 Reasons Nurses Love Ascom Wireless Handsets

#10-Familiar Features: The Ascom handset has many of the familiar features found on personal cell phones such as call-waiting,roll-over, speakerphone, speed dial, mute button, reminder symbols, easy transfers, conference calls, soft-keys, and general setting options. This makes the handset intuitive to use and nurses adapt quickly to using this tool.

#9-Handset Phone Books: Central and local phone books allow quick and easy access by nurses to hundreds of staff and departmental numbers within a facility, as well as to important numbers outside the hospital; these phone books can be continually updated and easily amended.

Click Here to finish reading the 10 reasons why nurses love Ascom!

Mark it on your Calendar - Open House!

Primary Systems is pleased to announce that we have scheduled an Open House on May 7, 2009 from 11-6pm at our new facility on 4000 Green Park Rd!

For complete information on this event please click here!

Come see our new Rauland demo room!

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