Telemedicine allows doctors to make a diagnosis for patients using medical imaging devices when they are separated by distance. Download The GlobalMedia 2009 Company Brochure. Primary Systems and GlobalMedia provides telehealth equipment, telemedicine medical peripherals, and telemedicine software for doctors and hospitals. This technology allows for practical application and diagnosis from medical imaging and video.

What can Primary Systems and GlobalMedia do for you? As a team, we provide innovative telehealth &, telemedicine technology with a proven track record. Users of GlobalMedia's technology include: Columbia, Stanford, and Harvard medical schools, Catholic Healthcare West, Barrow Neurological Institute, Gallaudet University and Arizona State University Polytechnic.  Nearly 70 percent of GlobalMedia's staff is dedicated to product engineering, research, development and customer-centric designs.

An example of GlobalMedia's designs is the Mobile Medical Cart, a perfect solution for telemedicine applications. It comes fully loaded with a remote controllable pan, tilt, zoom camera, a 19" flat panel monitor mounted securely to the cart, and an audio system that allows you to switch between voice and stethoscope sounds. Medical grade power system and 802.11 wireless allows for room to room movement without shutting down. This system ships complete and ready to use. Primary Systems GlobalMedia offers medical devices to assist in opthamalogy, cardiology and dermatology examination.

Primary Systems and GlobalMedia are here to help you succeed! We offer guidance in setting up your telemedicine program as well as training and support. Feel free to contact Sales for more information. 


Telehealth & Telemedicine


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