Everyday Communication 

Everyday Communication - Versatility In Action
With Telecenter U, live communication is simple and targeted; it’s a solution that can be used all day, every day.With TCU, you can rely on a single system— unified and simple.

Just login on any PC with a Web browser within your school, and you’re ready to communicate to a single location, a group of facilities or your entire district. The system handles all of your everyday needs by connecting to disparate systems that communicate messages regarding daily operations, including:
  • Morning announcements
  • After-school announcements
  • Paging
  • Lunch
  • Celebrations
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Athletic team announcements
  • And more.
Telecenter U is ready for anything. Whether you want to play a junior high school’s fight song after a big victory, issue a reminder message to all high schools about upcoming standardized testing, or have the superintendent address every school in the district, you can manage all live communication from the system’s easy-to-use Web pages.

Telecenter U is more than Effortless Bell Scheduling!
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