Live Encoding Video Streaming 

By leveraging a district’s data network, Telecenter CPS with Live Encoding allows video instruction to originate from, and stream to, any point within the district without the need for a video distribution system. According to Myles Cochran, Director of Marketing for Telecenter Systems, “The system multiplies the educational opportunities a district offers—whether distance learning, virtual field trips, streaming on-demand educational videos or cable programming. It is suited for both classroom instruction and individual student study.”

The system also offers applications for improving school communication by providing access to school news, announcements and general information. Professional development, according to Mr. Cochran, is another important benefit. “Programs originating from the district offices can be transmitted to teachers wherever they are. And pre-recorded content is available when and where a teacher needs it.”

The Telecenter CPS system, introduced in 2004, is a single portal to a wide range of media content and types, including VHS tapes, DVDs, Laser Discs, PowerPoint presentations, cable and satellite television, live camera feeds and streaming digital video. Content is scheduled and played back to a classroom TV over the schools RF network or streamed over the school’s Local Area network to classroom workstations.

The Telecenter CPS Live Encoder is a module supplying MPEG4 compressed video streams over TCP/IP network via standard RTP/RTSP streaming protocols. It is available as part of the Telecenter CPS system.

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