Emergency Response 

Emergency Response - Safety First
Whether you’re facing a lock out, lock down, evacuation, weather emergency or any other situation that demands a rapid response, Telecenter U enables you to take action quickly and confidently.Telecenter U also allows you to make on-the-fly announcements as the situation changes, conduct live paging within a school or across the district, and send an all-clear message when the crisis is over.

Telecenter U enhances your school or district’s unique crisis plan by connecting all of your facilities and guaranteeing synchronized communication. You can create a sequence of events—including pre-recorded voice announcements, tones and other critical notifications—for a wide range of emergencies. A sequence can be activated from any location via a Web browser or telephone for the entire system, a designated group of facilities
or a single school.

How well your school responds during an emergency hinges in part on your crisis management strategy. Telecenter U helps you take a proactive approach by letting you pre-record messages that provide instructions for different crisis scenarios. For example, you might pre-record directives for staff and students on how to respond in an emergency evacuation when there is an immediate threat to the school.

When the pressure is on and every moment counts, you’ll have confidence in Telecenter U. Unlike stand-alone systems that are used only in emergencies, Telecenter U is familiar. There’s no need for personnel to remember how to use the network because they already use it every day. And since the system can be activated with a single call, there are no wasted steps.

Telecenter U is more than Effortless Bell Scheduling!
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