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Responder® 5 Staff Terminal

The One-Touch Communication Solution for your entire Facility

By streamlining communication across the busy Emergency Department, the Responder 5 Staff Terminal makes it easier for you to focus on what you do best: provide high quality care for your patients. The Responder 5 Staff Terminal is a one-touch communication solution that shortens a patient’s length of stay in the Emergency Department (ED) and speeds up the admitting process.

Expedite Care and Decrease Lengths of Stay

In the hectic pace of the ED, every minute counts—both in terms of quality patient care and the turnover of bays. From the time patients arrive in the ED until they’re either moved to an inpatient unit or discharged, scores of events take place.

The Responder 5 Staff Terminal simplifies the whole process by connecting key staff via a single button. In an average-size ED, it can eliminate hundreds of phone calls and pages per day, boosting efficiency and smoothing workflow processes so patients get the treatment they need faster.

The Staff Terminal can be customized according to patient needs and your ED processes. For example:

Need Dr. – When a patient requires a physician’s care, a nurse can simply press the Need Dr. button to send an appropriate page.

Need Consult – When a patient’s case requires a second opinion, a touch of the Need Consult button alerts another physician.

Admit Orders – One touch of the Admit Orders button notifies the Registration Desk and Bed Control that a patient has been admitted by a physician and needs an inpatient bed.

One-Touch Simplicity and Accuracy

The Responder 5 Staff Terminal shortens the time it takes for patients to receive the procedures they need by reducing requests to a simple push of a button. The software shows the call process on the ED census screen so staff members can stay up to date on each patient’s status.

The simplicity and accuracy of the Staff Terminal ensure that calls and notifications get to the right staff person the first time. Spend less time on process and more time with patients. The single push of a button eliminates time-consuming phone calls and pages. The result is greater efficiency, which translates into smoother workflow and improved patient care. Time saved is money earned. When workflow efficiency improves, patients move out of the Emergency Department to in-patient units more quickly. Faster turnover means more patients are seen in the ED each day, and more patients translate into increased revenues.

Responder 5 Staff Terminal Highlights

  • One-touch coordination of hundreds of workflow processes per day
  • Accurate and immediate communication
  • Simple to use and easy to learn
  • Time stamps integrate with data network for detailed event tracking
  • Fully customizable to fit your procedures
  • Developed by the industry leader in nurse call systems

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