St. Louis Juvenile Detention Center 


St. Louis City Family courts Detention Center is a secure facility. The purpose of the Juvenile Detention Center is to house juveniles coming within the jurisdiction of the Court for alleged law violations. The Detention Center ensures no contact between detained juveniles and adults under arrest or convicted of a crime. 


It is the objective of The City of St. Louis Juvenile Detention Center to treat all juveniles who enter through it’s doors with dignity and respect, and to provide a safe and secure environment for all residents and staff. It is imperative that a Detention Center be fully operational and secure at all times. To ensure optimum efficiency and increase security, St. Louis Juvenile Detention Center wanted to fully upgrade their existing aging master control systems.

The St. Louis Juvenile Detention Center partnered with Primary Systems to provide a complete renovation of their existing master control systems. To accomplish this task Primary Systems utilized the Rauland SecurePlex digital control system. SecurePlex gave St. Louis Juvenile Detention Center the capability to control important features of their cell unit security systems from a central location. Whether it was controlling the lights, locks, panic alarms, or controlling individual intercom stations, SecurePlex gave the St. Louis Juvenile Detention Center total control through a custom computer graphic screen with a simple click of the mouse. It was with the implementation of the Rauland SecurePlex master control system that allowed Juvenile Detention Center to accomplish their objectives.



  • Increased Efficiency
  • Improved Communications
  • Increased Security
  • Increased Response from Security
  • Increased Reliability