Founded in 1964 Contico began its life as an importer and distributor of sanitary maintenance products and equipment. In 1969, expansion into the manufacturing of plastic and metal products, also destined for the sanitary maintenance market, began. For over four decades, products have continually been added to this line. Today their Commercial Products Division sells more than 600 SKUs, through a network of over 6,000 distributors, in the institutional commercial cleaning market.

Contico’s objective was to try and control their employees from using unauthorized exterior doors when entering and exiting the facility. They also wanted the ability to limit restrict access to private areas of their facility.


Contico partnered with Primary Systems to assist with the implementation of a system that fit their needs. To address the first objective which was trying to control their employees from using unauthorized exterior doors Primary Systems implemented Bosch for exit door alarms. With this unique integration authorized employees were only allowed to use doors to enter and exit the facility while restricting unauthorized personal.  Once installed, if any employees tried to use one of those unauthorized exterior doors, an alarm would sound and a signal would be sent to the front desk.   


To help limit entry to private areas of their facility, Primary Systems utilized RS2’s access control system. With this installation, without showing the proper credentials an unauthorized person would not be granted access to the room or facility. With these integrations Contico was given a simple solution that met the objective’s they were seeking.


  • Increased Security
  • Increased Safety
  • Increased Efficiency