Communications Terminal 

Healthcare Communications Terminal
Current Scenario at Hospitals: To much at the bedside!

Healthcare Communications Terminal
Siemens Staff Terminal

The overwhelming benefits of real-time access at the point of care have accelerated the demand for healthcare communications terminals that can be deployed at the bedside. Siemens' Healthcare Communications Terminals™ (HCT) provide the clinical staff with secure access to EHRs and can also be used for patient entertainment and education. The Siemens' Healthcare Communications Terminal solution offers flexibility and options to meet the diverse needs of healthcare organizations.

 Siemens terminal is an All-In-One PC-based solution that offers multiple terminal sizes to meet the requirements of public and private spaces, emergency rooms and shared patient rooms. The terminals feature a fanless design, and the sizes range from an 8" terminal to an 18.5" terminal. The 8" terminal could be used for digital signage outside the patient's room; the 15" terminal for a dialysis or oncology chair, and the 18.5" terminal, with a large all-in-one touch screen, in the patient's room. Optional features include RFID/Proximity Card Readers, Magnetic Strip Card Readers for POS, wireless cards and VoIP or Analog Phones.

Options to Meet Unique Hospital Room Requirements

Siemens Healthcare Communications Terminal solution offers different arm mounting options to meet a variety of room sizes and shared rooms, retrofitting with existing head walls and ceiling mounts when walls aren't available. Mounting options for desk stands and medical carts allow for standardization of terminals throughout the hospital (greater consistency for ease of operations and lower operational costs).

View Electronic Medical Records (EMR) & X-rays at the bedside. Even order prescriptions!
Patient Edu

Streamlined Clinical Access

When doctors pull up X-rays and CT scans at the patient's bedside, as shown in the figure to the right, they are able to deliver more informative consultations. A clearly displayed picture, along with a detailed explanation, gives patients a better understanding of their medical condition and treatment options. Doctors can read all patient records and up-to-date drug dispensing logs while they are still with the patient. Bedside Terminals can be used for medical charting which eliminates the posting of messages on grease boards and solves the problem associated with medical notes and entries that are difficult to read.

Clinical access to EMR and other HIS applications are achievable and enabled with Siemens Single Sign On software and proximity cards. Clinicians can have easy and secure access to medical applications without having to remember multiple user names and passwords.

Communications Terminal Screen
Siemens Screenshot
Nursing workflow can be effectively improved; bedside documentation and medication dispensing are streamlined and nurses can and spend more time with the patient as opposed to struggling with technology.

The ability to make technology transparent to clinicians enables them to do their jobs easier and provide better care to patients. The IT staff benefits as well because this Single Sign On capability reduces calls to the help desk for forgotten passwords, centralizes management across applications and delivers an improved audit trail to conform to HIPAA and other regulatory requirements.

Patient Entertainment and Services

Siemens Healthcare Communications Terminals can deliver patient entertainment services including IPTV, coaxial TV, Internet access, games, Movies on Demand and SIP phones. Patients access the services using the Touch Screen on the terminal. Patient communications is enhanced with webcam capabilities. For example, a remote video session to the nursery allows the mother to see her baby. Optional integration can include functions like integration with building automation and room control, patient education services, multi-language support, integration with dietary and meal requests.

Medical Procedure Videos & Patient Feedback
Patient Edu
Patient Education

Patients can gain a better understanding of their medical conditions, recommended treatment options, and post-operative regimens using Siemens Patient Education™ solution. The system uses broadcast quality, full motion video and animated graphics to explain complicated medical conditions andprocedures in a highly understandable and engaging format. Its rich format, interactivity and scripting has proven to be highly effective in improving patient comprehension and retention. Existing hospital patient education information can be integrated and system tracks usage, compliance and understanding to meet the Meets HiTech Act and Joint Commission requirements.

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In summary, the HCT delivers many advantages: improved workflow, secure and easier clinical access at the point of care, the ability to provide clinical access and multimedia patient services with the same device to name a few. These advantages translate into improved patient care and safety, increased productivity and efficiency, reduced wait times, a more effective work environment for the clinicians and a connection to life outside the hospital for patients.

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