Security-Bosch's New Dinion IP Cameras 

Advanced features, sleek stylish design
Dinion IP network cameras take the outstanding picture quality of the Dinion analog camera range to the next level of performance by adding the power of Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity. These cameras produce up to 30 images per second of high-quality video at a true 4CIF MPEG-4 video resolution with tri-streaming capabilities. You get top-of-the-line functionality with minimal network traffic and lower storage costs.

The perfect bridge
Bosch Security Systems' innovative Dinion IP cameras, including DinionXF Day/Night IP and Dinion IP are the perfect technology bridge between traditional analog video systems and the advanced benefits of digital video solutions. You extend the life of your installed systems and at the same time, you take advantage of advanced CCTV cameras with a talent for staying connected.

Image quality is everything
Image quality is the ultimate criterion for security cameras and Dinion IP delivers crisp images under all lighting conditions, day or night. With the introduction of Bosch DinionXF Day/Night IP and Dinion IP cameras, high-performance surveillance over IP networks becomes feasible and cost-effective.

Key features
- Hybrid IP camera -- concurrent analog and Ethernet operation with built-in IP and BNC connections that bridge existing and new technology.
- Superior digital image quality with IP connectivity.
- 15-bit digital signal processing and XF-Dynamic for outstanding image quality and exceptional dynamic range.
- Power over Ethernet (PoE), IEEE 802.3af compliant
- Complete system solutions -- compatible with DiBos, VIDOS and other video management systems to create integrated, scalable systems.
- Storage-efficient tri-streaming technology, with video multicasting and Internet streaming.
- OSD-enabled network configuration makes setup as easy as possible

Bosch DSP
The Dinion IP cameras are built around Bosch's own DSP chip technology, which delivers performance that sets Bosch apart from all the rest.

Bosch IP cameras
Our DinionXF Day/Night IP and Dinion IP cameras offer unrivalled image quality and performance. Working with Digital or Networked Video Recorders (DVRs or NVRs), the Dinion IP cameras are the newest link in complete network-based CCTV systems that transmit encoded video, alarm messages and relay signals. Dinion IP cameras protect your current technology investment while providing you with a clear migration path to a fully digital CCTV solution. By combining award-winning camera performance and advanced network technology, Bosch's Dinion IP camera family is the cutting edge of high performance digital CCTV.

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