Teachers and Administrators are not security guards!

Are you having trouble with vandalism, students acting out, or just looking for a better security solution to keep faculty and students more safe and secure? Avigilon is the answer! With the solutions provided by Avigilon, school administrators, parents, and faculty will be able to concentrate on developing students rather than protecting them. Click Here to read how Primary Systems deployed Avigilon at Jersey Community High School!

Do you currently have a CCTV System? No Problem!

With Avigilon's video encoders you WILL still have the capability of utilizing your existing security cameras! Utilizing Avigilon's encoders will allow you to UPGRADE your existing system into the high definition network making the quality better and saving you money in the long run!  

Avigilon Quality - Superior Imaging and Evidence Integrity

Recent advances in digital imaging, computers, and networking hardware make it possible to deliver much higher image quality and evidence integrity than in conventional surveillance systems where overall performance is reduced to the performance of the least common denominator. To achieve the new level of performance that is now possible, a surveillance system must have been architected as an end-to-end system that leverages the latest technologies available in each of its components. Key features of the Avigilon High Definition Surveillance System that ensure superior imaging performance and evidence integrity are the following:
  • Camera resolution options ranging up to 16 megapixels!
  • Excellent low light performance and sensitivity into the near infrared spectrum
  • 14 bit dynamic range
  • Progressive scan, scientific grade CCD image sensors
  • Images stored in JPEG2000 that can preserve the image data exactly as it was produced from the camera’s sensor
  • Complete image audit trail that includes a timestamp and a digitally signed secure hash generated in the camera
  • Industry standard export formats including JPEG, PNG, AVI, and RAW

Product Line

High Definition IP Dome Cameras

Panoramic High Definition
IP Dome Camera

High Definition IP Cameras

High Definition Professional
IP Cameras

 Analog Video Encoders


The benefits of a High Definition CCTV Surveillance System far outweigh the financial cost for building owners. Its about having peace of mind, and knowing that even when your facility is unattended it is still safe and secure. Interested in finding out more? Contact Us today for a free demo!

Key Benefits for Educational Facilities:
  • Reduce investigation time
  • Reduce the number of problematic situations
  • Easily identify & resolve problems
  • Increase safety and security

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