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The Jersey Community School District is in a rural community located approximately 50 miles northeast of St. Louis, MO. Area residents work in a mix of service industry, education, manufacturing, retail business, farming, and professional occupations. The community is also part of the St. Louis Metropolitan Area so there is a large commuter population.



Administration recognized that there was a pressing need to upgrade its current surveillance system. In recent years, Jersey Community High School (JCHS) had been vandalized, experienced incidents of disorderly conduct that were not captured on their current surveillance system. Prior to the integration of its new security platform, JCHS relied on a methodology comprised of 32 interior and exterior, low quality, analog security cameras that were not providing the quality image they were seeking.  



JCHS partnered with Primary Systems to install and integrate Avigilon’s HD surveillance cameras and encoders. With the integration of four 5 mega pixel and two 2 mega pixel Avigilon surveillance cameras, mounted in strategic areas of the building, JCHS was given the complete solution they envisioned. With better quality images being produced by the new Avigilon cameras, JCHS had the system they needed to dramatically decrease the likelihood of improper conduct and increase the safety and overall protection of their students and staff in the facility. 


To correspond with the new Avigilon IP cameras, Primary Systems was able to integrate the school’s existing 32 analog cameras into the Avigilon platform by simply replacing the existing systems DVRs with high resolution Avigilon analog video encoders. This upgrade not only facilitated deployment and reduced costs, but also improved the performance of the existing cameras as well.



  • Increased Efficiency
  • Increased Security              
  • Increased Safety
  • Decrease in student misconduct
  • Improved Response Time

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