Enhancing the Guest Experience & Staff Efficiency

Improving The Guest Experience

Communication technology plays an ever increasing role in delivering excellent service, and the method which offers the quickest and most reliable capability is an on-site wireless communication system. Hospitality is a very competitive environment. Creating repeat customers demands increasing guest satisfaction and eliminating operational issues smoothly and effectively. Ascom provides the means for hotel staff to directly interface with guests wherever they might be on the property. Whether responding to a concierge request or delivering room service, ensuring timely interaction dealing with guest’s needs is critical to generating repeat customers.

Guest Reception

Ascom applications can integrate with property management and service order software packages, or act as a standalone means of getting guest requests delivered in the fastest possible time.

Whether checking in or out, your guests can be assured of receiving the best possible service optimized through voice communication and messaging. In some cases job assignments can be delivered directly to a staff wireless handset requiring an acknowledgement. If tasks or instructions are not acknowledged, then automatic escalation may be incorporated as well.

By shortening response times and being better informed of operating conditions around the site, management can achieve significant cost savings, while at the same time delivering better service to guests.

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