Wireless Communication - A Better Learning Environment

Communication challenges a critical consideration in how administrators can enhance the overall learning environment in our schools is communication within the school building and on the school campus. It is important for decision-makers to consider communication tools that will provide them with a cost-effective, comprehensive solution that meets the specific needs of each school and contributes to a more efficient environment for everyone involved with education.

Traditional communication methods in many schools can include public address systems, overhead paging, intercom systems, wall-mounted or desktop wired telephones, cell phones and two-way radios. These types of communication systems present many limitations.

Public address systems and intercoms can cause unwanted classroom interruption and overhead noise. Wired telephones can be inaccessible or inconvenient for teachers and students, especially when rapid response to an urgent situation is required. Cell phones may not provide complete coverage and generate a recurring expense.

Consolidating communications
The Ascom wireless education solution package provides schools with an extremely cost effective campus-wide digital wireless communication solution that effectively integrates voice, text messaging and alarm capabilities, via lightweight portable handsets.

This solution enables personal wireless communication with coverage at all times for the entire campus including buildings, classrooms, hallways, restrooms, gymnasiums, auditoriums, athletic fields and parking lots.

Case Study

Webster School District 
Ascom Wireless Phone Integration

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