Reduce Response Time - Increase Security

Ascom provides the solution the telePROTECT® Personal Security System and Freeset IP-DECT from provide the corrections industry with comprehensive solutions that have solved personal safety issues at 70,000+ enterprises worldwide. Both Ascom solutions effectively address safety issues, providing unparalleled communication systems that improve security and help to create peace of mind.

A unique feature that provides knowledge of an officer’s whereabouts is the site mapping function. This feature provides a graphic representation, or map, of the site showing the telePROTECT hand held unit on the map in it’s most recent location. This site map is viewed on the command center display monitor.

in addition to alarms initiated by the wireless handheld units, solutions allow for the integration of external alarm inputs. These alarm inputs can be used to monitor a range of devices and provide feedback on the function of external systems. Ddoor entries and exits, windows and locks, sprinklers and fire detection systems can all be monitored.

telePROTECT Personal Security

Designed for the rigorous demands of the corrections environment and offering digital alarm capability, the telePROTECT PSS a UHF radio-based wireless alarm system that provides emergency communication. telePROTECT can automatically escalate alarms to other hand held units or external communication systems such as fire or police dispatchers, significantly reducing response time an emergency. In addition, robust software and programmable alarm types allow for different levels of escalation depending on the severity of the alarm or event.

Guard route monitoring, location identification and various alarm types such as man-down, no-movement, pull-cord and intentional push-button alarms provide prison employees with the assurance that help is near.


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