Featured Product - RS2 Access It!® Universal 2.0 Software 


Primary Systems is happy to announce that RS2 Technologies, LLC, a leading provider of access control systems, has officially released its new Access It!® Universal 2.0 access control software. The new version includes more than 40 new features and enhancements of the company’s popular Universal software, including:

• A browser (web) thin client
• Integration with wireless and PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) locksets
• Support for the MR-51E Ethernet-enabled PoE paired reader, single-door SIO module
• Enhanced intrusion detection processing
• Support for OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol) readers
• User-customizable multi-state icons on maps

Additionally, Universal 2.0 boasts more than a dozen other new features and more than 20 enhancements, many of which were responses to suggestions and requests from end users and systems integrators. According to RS2 Managing Partner Doug Robinson, “At RS2, we have always taken pride in the fact that we design and update our software with an eye toward end users and integrators. That perspective ensures that our software stays user-friendly as we add features and increase its power and usefulness.” The software’s new features and enhancements join an already long list of features such as interactive graphical maps and hardware trees, user-definable event and alarm colors, and un-dockable windows for multiple monitor support.

Gary Staley, RS2 National Sales Manager, adds, “Access It!® Universal, from its introduction two years ago, has always been a scalable, cost-effective access control solution for any size business – from a single building with a few employees to a multi-region system with thousands of employees. Now, with Universal 2.0 and its support of the latest security industry technologies, such as wireless and PoE devices, multi-state icons, etc., we’ve taken that to the next level.”