Wireless Phones 


On-site Wireless Communication for Quicker Response

Primary Systems specializes in implementing professional grade, on site VoWiFi and IP-DECT wireless products that improve workflow by increasing employees' mobility and connectivity.   At the heart of our solutions are the innovative products from Ascom.  Ascom is a manufacturer of reliable in-building wireless telephone and messaging systems. Their total solution makes Ascom the only enterprise mobile communication company to offer in-building wireless telephone systems and the middleware to connect mobile devices to existing information systems. 

Improve Call Response, Create a Quieter Environment

Keeping Connected
Wireless connectivity to your mobile staff ensures a more immediate patient response. Responder's integration with wireless phones and pocket pagers help keep the staff on the move, and the nursing floor quiet.

Wireless Phones
Wireless phones improve call efficiency, maintain patient confidentiality and promote a quieter facility. Teaming Responder® Nurse Call with wireless phones creates an innovative approach to health care communications. Calls are routed instantly to the appropriate caregiver and patients receive the help they need faster than ever before. When integrating Responder Nurse Call with the Ascom® wireless phone system, users know immediately if the call is coming from a patient or nurse manager through the Caller ID display. The system functions like a mini cellular network, so users are never out of range. And these wireless phones function just like wired telephones. So doctors, caregivers and technicians can easily be reached inside the facility.

Primary Systems is proud to be a Gold Level Ascom Certified Solutions Partner.