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It's a Matter of Time- Synchronized clock solutions for Healthcare

When Every Minute Counts

Rauland’s complete line of synchronized timekeeping solutions makes it easier for your staff members to do what they do best—provide around the clock care to patients.

Synchronization Matters
When every clock throughout your facility is synchronized, workflow and efficiency within your facility improves, and improved workflow translates into better patient care.

Synchronization means:
• All departments and buildings are on the same exact time
• More timely medicine administration to patients
• Shift changes and start times are consistent
• Improved accuracy of time documentation
• Automatic timer activation for Code Blue emergencies
• Dual count up timers assist emergency response teams during code calls.

Compared to inexpensive, non-synchronized clocks that lose time and require frequent maintenance, our products deliver an unmatched return on your investment. Saving time and money for your entire facility.

Technology Matters
Rauland-Borg has been the #1 name in institutional communication systems and in the time keeping business since 1922. We earned our
reputation as the industry leader by delivering innovative solutions and maintaining a commitment to quality in everything we do. When time
matters, take advantage of the Rauland difference.

Wireless Solutions

Rauland’s wireless clocks provide easily installed, low maintenance solutions for synchronized time. The 467 MHz frequency provides
superior wireless coverage so every clock is in synch.

• 5 Watt Transmitter with Telecenter time sync
• GPS Receiver
• NTP Receiver
• Optional external antenna mounting kit available

• 13" & 16" Analog Clocks (battery or 24 VAC)
• 2.5" Four-digit Digital (red and white LEDs)
• 2.5" Six-digit Digital (white LEDs only)
• 4" Four-digit Digital (red and white LEDs)
• Various double-face mounting options

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