LCD Projection - Weight & Portability 


Another consideration in selecting the ideal projector is its weight. If you are on the road a lot, you probably want the lightest, most portable machine available that still fits your resolution and brightness needs. If this describes you then check out portable projectors under 7 pounds.

If you travel occasionally, but want a bit more performance and are willing to carry a heavier unit, take a look at the projectors in the 7 to 10 pound weight range. As a class, these very portable projectors are brighter and more fully featured than the sub-7 pounders.

If you don't intend to travel with the projector, but still want the ability to move it around the office, from classroom to classroom, or to take it home on weekends, there are many excellent products in the 10 to 15 pound range that should be considered.

Finally, if you are going to use the projector in a specific place and have no need to move it around, weight is not an issue. Make your selection on other cost and performance factors. 

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