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Discover healthcare’s most advanced real-time locating technology: Versus Advantages. As a clinical location, automation and awareness tool, Versus Technology, Inc. was awarded the exclusive American Hospital Association (AHA) endorsement for their real-time RFID and infrared tracking technologies. Several key reasons the AHA selected Versus Technology include:  

  • Versus identified hard dollar cost reductions in hospitals through increased equipment utilization from data derived in the Versus system.
  • References indicated that Versus was the only organization willing to adapt the software to meet the needs of the hospital rather than adapt hospital processes to the functionality of the software.
  • The combination of Versus’ RFID with infrared technology provides a very high level of tracking accuracy, and patient and asset security.
  • Versus has a proven ability to interface with existing and future systems, strong middleware and comprehensive reporting capabilities.

We Turn Locating Data Into Enterprise Intelligence

When you provide highly accurate location information, as only Versus can, you do more than locate. You can automate. Versus excels at clinical automation, and helps your operation do more with less.

Envision how you could strengthen your operation with Versus automation of these and other tasks:

  • Advance the patient to the next stage of care based on patient visit milestones (i.e. labs are back, EKG completed or MA has seen patient)
  • Alert physician when patient is ready to be seen
  • Remind the physician to wash her hands before interacting with a patient
  • Update Room Status based on patient location (available, in use, dirty)
  • Identify room type based on equipment present (cardiac care, bariatric, etc.)
  • Alert housekeeping that Room 4026 is ready to be cleaned when the patient’s badge is placed in the discharge bin 
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Asset Tracking

Bed Management

Staff Locating

Patient Flow

Hygiene Control


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Only Versus Offers End-to-End Solutions

It is far easier to coordinate a project with one vendor than having to use multiple disparate systems. Versus solutions encompass not only a facility-specific needs assessment, hardware configuration, software suite and rules programming, but also staff training at implementation and ongoing system support. A true one-stop-shop that offers proven reliability and results.

At Versus, we believe technology should do more than make work faster and easier. It should directly promote the results of those efforts, and when it comes to patient care, these results have enormous significance. To learn more about how Versus can help your operation deliver better care and do more with less, contact us today.







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