Tele-Health & Tele-Medicine 

Primary Systems and Global Media provide high quality, real-time motion video for dynamic collaboration, utilizing affordable and easy to use PC networks. These securable, scalable and affordable telemedicine solutions will expand the geographic reach of medical communication and care providing services.

Our tele-health solutions provide opportunities to:

  • Provide expert advice to remote locations
  • Link medical professionals by utilizing live video from a microscope through video conferencing software.
  • Offer instant answers to patients or other clinicians through live video communication.
  • Display real-time motion video over broadband networks through existing PC or room-based video.
  • Create easy to use, affordable and scalable solution


A Versatile tool in Telemedicine-The TotalExam™ examination camera is the first high-resolution camera to combine dual-focus, freeze frame capture, and electronic image polarization in one medical device. This multi purpose digital camera has wide applications in primary care, emergency medicine/trauma care, dermatology, ophthalmology, wound care and is an excellent device to document abuse. In addition to the exam room, this very portable, light-weight camera, can be used for imaging reuirements associated with educatinal life science applications and even autopsies. 

Using the TotalExam™ camera in conjunction with GlobalMedia's newest CapSure® “Store-and-Forward” software solution, care providers can manage client medical images within the most popular EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system or the pan-Canadian iEHR (Interoperable Electronic Health Record) system. The TotalExam™cam is the future of examinations!

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Customer Review:

“The TotalExam Camera ROCKS! It is the ONLY telemedicine hand cam that has a Woods lamp incorporated into the light, which makes it perfect for fluorescein eye examination (for corneal abrasion) and dermatology assessments. The tongue blade and derma attachments are the safest, most functional and easy to use products I have come across in my search for the best exam cam for expansion of our network. This product is extremely robust, and can survive whatever abuse a busy telemedicine station can throw at it. I would recommend this camera to anyone looking for a versatile, sturdy product that provides high quality images for any application. Thank you for developing the TotalExam Camera!”

Dave Robertson, D.O.
Burn Outpatient Services/Telemedicine Development
Maricopa Medical Center

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