Security Experts

A secure workplace is a more productive workplace.  Primary Systems designs, installs and supports state-of-the-art security systems that protect your workplace and employees.  With that protection comes the peace of mind for you and your co-workers, so that you can focus on growing your business, rather than worry about security.

Primary Systems has more than 20 years experience in workplace security. Our security experts are trained to analyze workplaces, identify potential gaps, asses needs and recommend cost-effective solutions.  From simple camera or card access systems to completely integrated platforms, Primary Systems can design and build systems that address your security needs.

                                     Security Solutions

Ascom telePROTECT

High Definition CCTV

Access Control


WiFi Door Locks


                                           Additional Solutions

Service & System Monitoring

When it comes to workplace security, system outages are not an option.  Primary Systems understands that so we offer services meant to prevent outages.  We provide monitoring and service plans to ensure that your security system works reliably and that your workplace is, in fact, secure.  Our Technicians can handle all aspects of system monitoring and maintenance, or they can assist your staff with maintenance testing.


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