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Outstanding Performance in Removing Picture Noise

Noise in images is an inevitable phenomenon when cameras are used under unfavorable lighting conditions. When noise becomes significant it obscures the picture. SSNR II technology removes much more noise from the picture than conventional DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) methods. This means that cameras that have SSNR II technology will produce cleaner pictures and require less DVR storage space than cameras using ordinary DNR.

Enhanced Sensitivity

Another prominent strength of the SNRR II technology is its enhanced sensitivity in lowlight situations. SSNRII-applied Cameras are superior to other 1/3” CCD cameras in terms of sensitivity. Their ability to resolve a subject in poorly–lit environments has been remarkably improved. Compare it yourself (See Picture Below). You will agree that SSNRII equipped cameras redefine what you should expect in low light performance.

Ghosting-Free Pictures

Along with picture noise, ghosting is one of the critical obstacles to obtaining a sharp and sophisticated image under a tough low-light situation. Ghosting produces a shadowy or weak image in picture, offset to either the right or to the left of the primary image. The unique SSNRII DSP technology reduces noise without the ghosting that is associated with conventional DNR technologies.

Substantial Disk-Saving Effect

The SSNRII technology also has an excellent disk-saving effect. The recorded image size of an SSNRII-equipped camera is considerably smaller than that of ordinary cameras. This is because the DVR interprets noise as additional picture detail and cannot compress it effectively.  Tests have shown that SSNRII technology cuts down the file size recorded on the DVR by 70 percent when using an MPEG format DVR and 40 percent with a JPEG format DVR.


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