North County Christian School 


North County Christian School (NCCS) is part of the Educational Ministry of the Ferguson Church of the Nazarene providing K-12 education.

The mission of the School is to work in partnership with parents and the church to provide an educational environment with a Christian perspective, based upon the authority of God's Word and the teachings of Jesus Christ as its central core.
As part of expanding this mission the NCCS purchased the St. Thomas Aquinas-Mercy High School Campus in Florissant, MO from the St. Louis Archdiocese in 2004. Because the NCCS is comprised of three (3) schools; Elementary, Middle & High School on the campus rather than the previous single High School they were presented with some unique challenges. The centralized intercom and bell system would need to be broken up to allow each of the individual schools and the main office access to their appropriate intercom zones and allow for a more customized bell schedule. Adding to the challenges was a limited budget that would not allow for a completely new system.

By replacing the current intercom head-end with a Bogen Multicom 2000 system and equipping each of the administrative areas with a Bogen Administrative Handset we were able to utilize the existing cabling and speaker infrastructure and provide a multi zoned system. The Bogen Multicom 2000 Administrative Communication System is a microprocessor controlled system designed for the needs of schools. It combines private telephone communication with a full featured sound and program distribution system, including media control. It also provides master clock control and emergency call features including '911' emergency all-call for increased security and quick response.

  • Decentralized Intercom Access
  • Improved Communications
  • Expandable System
  • Multi Zone Bell System