Media Retrieval 


Recent studies indicate that a person retains 25% of what they hear, 45% of what they see and over 70% of what they hear, see, and interact with. Information Delivery Systems and Video on Demand can bridge the gap between a child grasping a theory and continuing on with the learning process, or having difficulty understanding a theory and lose time or be hindered. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Primary Systems mission in partnership with Rauland is to enable the acquisition, implementation and maintenance of advancing technologies that integrate voice, data and media in the classroom.

Primary Systems and Rauland are committed to the technological advancement of integrated Information Delivery Systems, as we are aware of their increasing role in the educational process.

Comprehensive Media Management

Telecenter CPS (Curriculum and Presentation System) is the one multimedia system that provides the total multimedia instructional solution. It integrates all your instructional video content (streaming video, digital video files, VHS, DVD, cable channels, and video cameras), networks (school LAN, district WAN, and in-house coax TV), and display options (Mac and PC workstations, TVs, Projectors, and Plasma/LCD displays) into a single browser-driven solution.

Universal Access to All Media

Telecenter CPS puts the power of multimedia in the hands of your administrators, your teachers, your media staff and your students.
  • Universal access to all existing VHS and DVD content
  • Existing content is transmitted in digital form; the district's investment in VHS tapes and DVDs is fully utilized
  • All forms of media - cable, satellite, VHS tapes, DVDs, and closed circuit TV - are accessed through a single browser, making it easy to seamlessly integrate all forms of media into lessons
  • Remote playback and control of streaming video via a Web browser - play, stop, fast-forward, rewind and pause
  • Individual users, classrooms, even the entire school district, can view content simultaneously
  • Any networked computer becomes a learning center with complete user playback control of LAN/WAN streamed video

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