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Growing Demand for Security

Parents rely on you to keep their infants safe and secure from birth until discharge. According to JCAHO, one of the leading reasons for infant abduction is inadequate security systems. JCAHO reports indicate that infant abductions in hospitals have been on the rise since  2002and 67.8% of sentinel events occur in the general hospital setting. Most expecting parents don’t realize the dangers of infant abduction.

Infant abduction is enough of a concern that hospitals warn new parents of possible abduction attempts while in the hospital’s care. Many hospitals teach new parents to be aware of such threats and several measures are taken to aid in prevention. JCAHO recommends that nurses be aware of visitors to the nursery and postpartum areas. But, with staffing shortages at many hospitals, 24-hour vigilance is not possible without a reliable Infant Protection System to aid in keeping newborns safe.

Accutech’s Infant Protection System can be used in the maternity ward and delivery areas of the hospital when using our Soft Bracelet; or in the pediatric unit when using our Cut Band Technology.

With Accutech’s Infant Protection System, you get affordable infant security solutions for complete peace of mind.

System Features:

  • UL Security Listed                                     
  • Bracelet removal notification                             
  • Unique infant identification                                 
  • Tamper-proof system                                       
  • Tag supervision
  • Dual-conditioning door alarm monitoring
  • Multiple floor monitoring capability
  • Unique patient-to-floor transfer
  • Alarm information with complete history           
  • Complete fire panel interfacing with NFPA magnetic door locks

Benefits of Cuddles include:                       
  • Self-adjusting Soft Bracelet
  • Simple operation
  • Quick patient assignment
  • No enrollment needed for instant protection
  • Easy report generation
  • Free on-site training
  • Easy to use Windows-based software
  • Reusable, easy-clean tags

Your System Includes:

Self-Adjusting "Soft Bracelet" for Infants
  • Won't fall off due to weight loss (eliminates the need to replace and readjust bracelets)
  • Eliminates cutting and chafing of the infants skin because it's soft on the baby's skin
  • Protects and alarms in the event of removal or cutting
Small "Easy Clean" Tags
  • Small, lightweight tag
  • Easy-Clean, smooth design
  • Tags include an "On/Off" light for extended tag life
"Self-Guided" Software
  • Nurses can admit and discharge patients in moments
  • Staff training is done in minutes, not hours or days
  • Simple tag activation and monitoring


Your system’s quality is ensured with a one year warranty on all parts and services. In addition, you’ll receive free software updates with a one-time software license fee for guaranteed performance and satisfaction.


With the cuddles infant protection system, you get the affordable infant security solution you need for complete piece of mind. For more information on Cuddles please Click Here.


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