What is the difference between a regular TV and IPTV? 

 In short, IPTV stands for internet protocol television. IPTV adds a tremendous amount of functionality that a standard TV cannot.

A standard digital television has the basic TV inputs like composite, component, HDMI, RF, etc. The TV signal is carried over a coaxial cable.

This allows patients to watch television, connect their favorite gaming systems, connect DVD players, etc.

HCI offers standard digital televisions - BedMate II and the 22" Digital Television.


  HCI internet protocol televisions feature all the same inputs of standard digital televisions, but there is also a USB port and an RJ45 input to accept category (ethernet) cable. This means the IPTVs can deliver digital content from a simple flash drive. It also means IPTVs can be networked to a server to push and pull the digital content among groups of televisions.

Patients can watch television, connect gaming systems and DVD players, PLUS:
  • watch movies
  • listen to music
  • view images
  • browse the internet
There is also technology that allows the TV signal that traditionally lives on the coax cable to be delivered via category cable.

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