Featured Products- HCI Televisions 


HCI Reduces Prices on LCD RoomMate and BedMate TV’s

Keeping a patient informed and entertained is increasingly important to today’s hospitals. Providing a cost effective system allows patients to choose movies, music and photos right from their hospital bed; it gives the hospital staff the ability to deliver content easier than ever before. HCI provides the TVs, system, and content you need to get up and running.

Pick your TVs

HCI’s hospital-grade UL-Listed televisions offer many unique styles and features:

The BedMate TV, which is a Swing Arm bedside TV, has four different options to choose from. To go with the different selections of BedMate TVs HCI has developed the revolutionary OutReach Arm. This unique innovation uses gas struts rather than springs and a friction brake; it also has a low voltage power supply, both of which are upgrades over the classic arm.

Looking for something larger? The HCI LCD RoomMate televisions are available in 20”, 26”, 32”, or 42” and all BedMate and RoomMate TVs come with a standard two year warranty.   

Not Just a TV – An Entertainment Platform

HCI offers RoomMate LCD HD Internet Protocol Televisions (IPTVs) which means they can be networked via built in Ethernet capabilities and stream digital content on demand from a computer.

Pick your System

HCI offers the PC/server, monitor, and switch to create the network. It has been packaged all together for you; just tell us how many TVs you need on your network. HCI also offers educational and entertainment movies on their website as well.

A Simple Solution

Primary Systems can provide you with a complete design and installation of your HCI television system. For a free estimate please feel free to contact Primary Systems by phone at 314.880.9977 or Contact Us today!