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Digital Television Transition - THERE IS STILL TIME!


Those worried about the impending switch from analog to digital television have scored a break: the Senate passed a bill that pushes the changeover date from February 17 to June 12. It was feared by lawmakers that people are still unprepared for the digital leap.


Obviously by now you are most likely aware of the conversion that is taking place in television. After being pushed back from February 17 to June 12, 2009, the DTV change is still happening. After June stations will no longer be broadcasting in an analog signal but they will be converting to a digital signal. This process is referred to as the digital television transition (DTV). What does all of this mean? You may need to upgrade your master antenna system.


It is not to late and at Primary Systems we are here to help you make a smooth transition!


Why the switch?


There are a few motivating factors behind the transition. Congress mandated the translation to all-digital television broadcasting in order to free up more frequencies. These frequencies will go towards public safety communications, which applies to police stations, emergency rescue, and fire departments. While additional frequencies will also be auctioned off to companies that will be able to provide their customers with a more advanced wireless service.


Not to be overlooked the switch will also benefit the customers as well. The switch also allows broadcast stations to offer an improved picture and sound quality. Digital is much more efficient than analog because it allows a broadcaster to provide sharp high definition, standard definition, and multicasting. Multicasting is what allows broadcast stations to offer multiple channels of digital programming at the same time. For example with an analog signal channel 9 can only offer one program at a time. With a digital signal channel 9 can provide a digital program on 9-1, another on 9-2, and one on 9-3. There can be numerous programs all on at the same time. This offers more programming choices than have ever been offered previously.   


Do you need to buy new TVs?


This transition does not mean that you have to buy a new television. In order to watch free over the air digital television after June 12, 2009 your master antenna system must contain a digital tuners to provide the digital to analog conversion.   


The way to find out if your television contains a digital tuner is to look for labels and marking that contain words such as Digital Tuner, DTV, Integrated Digital Tuner, or HDTV (High Definition Television). If you find out that your television does have a digital tuner equipped inside then you will be able to continue watching over the air programming.

What do you need to do to be ready?


If you are already a cable or satellite customer you most likely do not have to do anything. This change will provide you with a better picture and more channel options.

If you are using over the air channels with a master antenna system you will require a means to provide digital to analog conversion. Primary Systems can provide you with a complete design and installation to convert your existing master antenna system to support the new digital television transition.


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