Effortless Bell Scheduling 

Effortless Bell Scheduling
When a school or district is off schedule, late dismissals and time fluctuations disrupt instructional time and after-school activities. When your communications systems are linked via Telecenter U, schedules in every facility run accurately and efficiently.

With this smart solution, bell schedules can be pre-planned, sending tones, voice and music to the desired locations from anywhere on your campus. Thanks to Telecenter U you can program your calendar for a whole year.

Every day or once a year, staff can easily manage any event your calendar demands such as:
  • Classroom change tones
  • Dismissal bells
  • Pre-recorded messages
  • Playing of music in hallways before and after school and during passing periods
  • National anthem and Pledge of Allegiance
  • Bus dismissals
  • Adapted schedules (half-day, for example)
You can designate anyone to manage your routine events schedule—either at the school level, campus-wide or across the district—from anywhere on your network. Authorized personnel simply access the Telecenter U network via easy-to-navigate Web pages and use the intuitive calendar interface to assign a particular schedule to a specific day or as a recurring event.

Telecenter U is more than Effortless Bell Scheduling!
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