Bed Management 


Bed Management Made Simple

Effective bed management starts with a simple system with high staff compliance. With a push of a button Rauland's Responder NET solution allows housekeeping to be notified instantly through pocket paging, wireless phones and/or real-time PC screens of which rooms are in need of service, while staff have the convenience of knowing immediately when a room is available. Room requests are managed easily from real-time screens showing open rooms, pending discharges and rooms in need of maintenance.
  • Prevent lost revenue with real-time bed ready notification display showing all available beds
  • Monitor, evaluate and expedite bed turnover time with reports
  • Automatic notification to Bed Control when a bed is available
  • Automatically contacts housekeeping to clean rooms
  • Timer feature records and displays the time elapsed for rooms awaiting housekeeping services
  • Information available on one screen at any networked PC

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