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telePROTECT Alarm Transmitter

Getting on with your professional tasks: working in a shopping center or on the night shift in a hotel, examining a patient in a health care facility, working alone in an isolated area of an industrial plant, or guarding inmates in a prison or other correctional institution. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, you’re face-to-face with danger, and exposed to threats, intimidation or risk of accident. You need to call for help. Thankfully, you are safe in the knowledge that your workplace is equipped with a telePROTECT security system from Ascom.

If you find yourself in a vulnerable or threatening situation, you can quickly send an alarm signal and know that somebody has received it. The basic thinking behind the telePROTECT is very simple. When you need to call for help, you press a button on a pocket unit to transmit a radio-based alarm signal. A central unit receives your alarm signal that then, depending on how your system is configured, automatically alerts your colleagues and/or activates relevant alarm procedures.

Heavyweight protection in a lightweight package. A rugged easy-to-use alarm transmitter designed for workplaces where a high level of security is required.
  • UHF transmitter with integral antenna
  • Two alarm Buttons for differing alarm types
  • Pull-cord alarm
  • Man-down and No-movement alarm
  • Warning tone before alarm transmission to avoid false alarms
  • Acoustic two-tone signal to help rescuers locate victim
  • Incident Location Option with both Infra Red and LF in the same handset
  • Swappable SIM-card for personal settings

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