Ascom Strategic Certified Solution Partner 

Primary Systems Promoted to Strategic Certified Solution Partner

National telePROTECT Reseller

Research Triangle Park, NC – February 08, 2011 – Ascom is pleased to announce the promotion of Primary Systems to Strategic Certified Solution Partner, (S-CSP).  Primary Systems was founded in St. Louis, MO as a uniquely qualified company to provide for the design, installation, and maintenance of Nurse Call solutions, Audio/Video, Security, Life Safety, and Building Automation systems and have been selling Ascom products and solutions for over 11 years.

There are only a limited number of Ascom S-CSPs throughout the country.   This top-tier reseller designation is given to those that have Ascom Certified technical resources and expertise in the proper installation, maintenance, and support of the Ascom on-site wireless systems and UNITE Messaging Suite.  In addition to the promotion to S-CSP, Primary Systems has also been named as a national reseller of Ascom telePROTECT equipment.  telePROTECT is a durable, UHF radio-based wireless alarm system for personal protection.  telePROTECT provides locationing and alarm functionality which are in high demand in correctional, psychiatric, and other high security environments.

“Primary Systems continues to be one of our best resellers every year” said Tom McKearney, SVP of Marketing and Business Development at Ascom (US) Inc.  “They take pride in their work and have a dedicated, fully trained staff that consistently exceeds customer expectations.  Primary Systems have earned the promotion to S-CSP and I am delighted that they will also be our national reseller of telePROTECT.”

There has been an increased demand for wireless personal protection solutions from companies that have employees working in high-risk environments.  Ascom telePROTECT products provide features like man-down and no-movement while sending automated alarms to security personnel that can respond quickly to assist.  These products are sold throughout the world and will now be a part of the Primary Systems solutions portfolio.

“Ascom products have always been an integral part to our total product portfolio.” said Steve Potts, CEO of Primary Systems.  “Ascom is a recognized leader in high quality and durable products that meet the rugged demands of our customers.  I am confident that we will be very successful with the Ascom telePROTECT line of products because there is a tremendous need for these wireless personal safety devices in several vertical markets.”

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Tom McKearney, SVP Marketing & Business Development

Ascom (US) Inc

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